Community Parks and Public Spaces

Our outdoor training equipment fits beautifully in community parks, running trails, school grounds and many other public spaces. In designing and producing our equipment we have kept the needs of government entities in mind; we have ensured minimal maintenance requirements, resilience to harsh weather conditions, and ease of landscaping and lawn care. FITPARK provides feasible pricing options that allows communities of all sizes to make health and fitness available to all it’s members.

Condo and Roof Top Installations

FITPARK training systems are an excellent way to convert otherwise unused or under-used rooftop space into a training facility that not only creates a sense of community amongst the residence of a condominium or apartment complex, but also adds value for your customers or tenants.

Fitness Amenities for Employees

Small and large corporations are investing in creative ways to keep their employees healthy and fit. It’s no secret that healthy and happy employees are more productive, lower healthcare cost and sick days, and improve morale. An outdoor fitness amenity is a great way to get out of the office to exercise and engage with co-workers.

Military, Police, Fire

FITPARK training systems are an ideal place for military, police and fire personnel to take part in fitness training while taking in some sunshine and fresh air. With our emphasis on functional training, our equipment is perfect for meeting the day-to-day needs of our military, police and fire personnel.

Residential Developers

FITPARK training systems are a desirable feature for new and existing communities. We work closely with developers to ensure the best configuration and marketing of our equipment to assist developers in creating highly sought after developments that value community and health.

Community Centers

FITPARK training systems are ideal for reaching the goals of what a community center is for – building a healthy and vibrant community. We have options available for the specific needs of all types of community centers, including youth and senior centers. Learn more about our FITPARK training systems and customizing your center needs.

University and College Campuses

In addition to use for university and college sports programs, FITPARK training systems are the perfect solution for universities or colleges looking at creating recreational amenities for students that not only promote fitness, but also build community amongst their students.

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