Outdoor Fitness Innovation

FitPark is proud to unveil the FitPark modular training system, a small group training unit built exclusively for the outdoors to meet the needs of those looking to take partin fitness training while taking in some sunshine and fresh air.

The cutting-edge design allows athletes and those looking to get back into shape to use several scalable body weight training stations engineered for superior biomechanics while taking in the numerous health benefits of outdoor workouts which include exposure to sunlight which increases our mood and gives our bodies a much-needed dose of Vitamin D. Studies have shown that 44% of exercisers prefer outdoor workout options and 20 minutes outdoors results in a greater feeling of vitality.

Outside of bodybuilders at Muscle Beach Venice in Los Angeles, over the past few decades, there has not been much attention paid to outdoor training in North America — until now. The team at FITPARK is committed to bringing the benefits of outdoor workouts back into the spotlight and has designed a state of the art group training unit designed for specifically for the outdoors.

The three base models of the FitPark are our first iterations of our modular training systems that work as catalysts for exercisers of every fitness level. With a variety of versatile exercise stations and endless configurations, FitPark uses a focus on bodyweight training to help exercisers hit strength, endurance and cardio while participating in an encouraging small group atmosphere.

The placement of a FitPark training station in an outdoor area attracts new users and helps to create a healthier and more vibrant community since it acts as a great meeting place and encourages interaction amongst its users. We are confident that FitPark will change how we approach fitness as we currently know it!

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