Funding an Outdoor Gym

Inevitably, the questions of how to fund your outdoor gym project will arise. While FitPark gyms are set up and priced to meet all budgets, getting the necessary funds in place can still appear to be a bit of a challenge. The best place to start for your funding needs is to contact your local Lions, Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs to donate the outdoor fitness equipment “in kind” to your local park or school. Local Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions and other such clubs and organizations have helped a number of communities … Read More

Outdoor Fitness Innovation

FitPark is proud to unveil the FitPark modular training system, a small group training unit built exclusively for the outdoors to meet the needs of those looking to take partin fitness training while taking in some sunshine and fresh air. The cutting-edge design allows athletes and those looking to get back into shape to use several scalable body weight training stations engineered for superior biomechanics while taking in the numerous health benefits of outdoor workouts which include exposure to sunlight which increases our mood and gives our bodies a much-needed … Read More